February 28th, 2015 Update

Like the light that shines on this tiny flower, my light shines through to you that stop by here to visit!

Words Escape Me!

Words Escape Me!

I guess I am having one of those moments. I wrote a really cool saying on the photo above, and somehow it is not there! Where did it go? I could have sworn that I did something! I have no idea where it went! They call this chemo brain! I re-wrote another saying on this photo, but it was not the one that I originally wrote, which still escapes me!

The second try at this!

The second try at this!

Well, on Wednesday I went in for the 3rd of 12 treatments on the “Maintenance plan.” We divulged to the Dr. that I do indeed have neuropathy as the neurologist diagnosed. He passed it off as if he knew it all along! I opted not to have the port put in, and the Dr. agreed with me, stating it was a convenience only to the nurses and he was glad I did not do it!

It only took two sticks to get the gizmo into a vein…thank God! All went OK. And, I emerged loopy, and ready to go home to crash!

Here today, the last day of February, I feel that I have lost more feeling in my hands. I ended up with a cold too. I am feeling a bit better today, but still wheeze a bit on the intake of breath. I am also really tired…

Heading to bed! May you all be well and take care!



4 thoughts on “February 28th, 2015 Update

  1. Bless your heart! That rituxan throws me for a loop, too. Glad you made it with just two sticks on the IV. I’m not wheezing but they are watching some thickening of part of my lungs which they think is due possibly to the rituxan. Be careful with that cold that it doesn’t go into something more serious …. HUGS from us.

    • Thank you Lynn and Shirley! Still have the wheezing today, but at least I have a voice, which was gone yesterday. Good luck with your upcoming bone marrow test! HUGS! Jane

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