February 28th, 2015 Update

Like the light that shines on this tiny flower, my light shines through to you that stop by here to visit!

Words Escape Me!

Words Escape Me!

I guess I am having one of those moments. I wrote a really cool saying on the photo above, and somehow it is not there! Where did it go? I could have sworn that I did something! I have no idea where it went! They call this chemo brain! I re-wrote another saying on this photo, but it was not the one that I originally wrote, which still escapes me!

The second try at this!

The second try at this!

Well, on Wednesday I went in for the 3rd of 12 treatments on the “Maintenance plan.” We divulged to the Dr. that I do indeed have neuropathy as the neurologist diagnosed. He passed it off as if he knew it all along! I opted not to have the port put in, and the Dr. agreed with me, stating it was a convenience only to the nurses and he was glad I did not do it!

It only took two sticks to get the gizmo into a vein…thank God! All went OK. And, I emerged loopy, and ready to go home to crash!

Here today, the last day of February, I feel that I have lost more feeling in my hands. I ended up with a cold too. I am feeling a bit better today, but still wheeze a bit on the intake of breath. I am also really tired…

Heading to bed! May you all be well and take care!



January 26th, 2015 – A Beautiful Day!

Beautiful Sunrise

Beautiful Sunrise

I woke up this morning, put on a pot of coffee, and when it was ready, I headed outdoors to greet the day. I was met with this lovely sunrise! Seeing such beauty at the beginning of my day, I just know that today will be a good day!

The health update: I have been taking the medication to help with the depression and the neuropathy now for almost 2 weeks now. I must say that it is helping with the depression, but not helping with the neuropathy or the shaking hands.

I met a friend for lunch this last week and while trying to eat salsa on chips, I was spilling everywhere. The shaking is getting worse. I do see the neurologist on the 17th of February. Hopefully, we can figure out what the issue is.

May you have an amazing week! Hugs and be well!

Day to Day – January 2nd, 2015

Good morning to you! I have not posted in a bit and I wanted to write an update.

I saw the Dr. back on the 23rd of December, and got the answers to questions that I had. We questioned him regarding the chest and pelvic CT scan he wanted done. He told us he did not order this for me! What do you make of that? If you remember, I got a phone call from his assistant telling me that he ordered this for me.

The Dr. was very abrupt on this visit. He still is of the belief that the neuropathy in my hands is not a result of the treatments I have been receiving. He told me that he thinks I am suffering from anxiety. Who would not be with the big C in their life? He thinks anxiety is the cause of the neuropathy in my hands, the rash I have on my scalp, the depression, the diarrhea and the nausea. I looked up the drug to see the side effects which include numbness or tingling in the hands, feet, or lips. As I sit here writing this I am experiencing this in both hands and feet.

My infusion was scheduled for the 30th, and on the 29th I received a phone call at 5:00 from the clinic asking me what they were doing with me the following day as they had no order from the Dr. What???? Why should I be telling them what they are doing for me?

On the 30th, it took 5 sticks to get into a vein, and the nurses suggested putting in a port, which is a device surgically inserted under the skin. This device is fed into a vein, and for treatments they use the center of this device to administer the drugs. It looks like this:



The aftereffects of the treatment I had on Tuesday, these over the last few days, have been bouts of diarrhea, stomach cramps and headache. Yesterday I took Imodium, Pepto Bismol, and Advil. I have also had increased tingling in my hands and feet. Instead of this being just in the tips of my fingers, I now have this throughout my hands and feet.

I see my primary care person on the 13th for a referral to a neurologist. I will speak to her about the ongoing depression, and some of these other physical issues…

Hugs and be well!

December 11th – The Daily Affirmation

Carry them in your heart!

Carry them in your heart!

When we start to look at our lives, particularly when we have health concerns regarding the big “C,” we realize how much we treasure the folks in our lives. So, with that it mind, always remember this and take it to heart:

We carry them in our hearts; the ones we have lost; the ones that we have let go; and the ones who are with us today!

My sincere appreciation goes out to those that I carry in my heart! Thank you to Marcybee, Lynn & Shirley, Patti, Jo & Fred, Gaz, Amy, and, of course to my husband, sister and Cousin David! I cannot possibly list everyone who has supported me throughout this journey with SLL, my thanks go out you to you all!

If you need support while going through Lymphoma, and need to speak to someone, please call the Lymphoma Research Foundation. Their helpline phone number is (800) 500-9976. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time (PST). Or you can email them at: helpline@lymphoma.org

Hugs and be well!


This is an update on my care for Lymphoma. I am not understanding what is going on and am now questioning the care I have been given.

My Dr. seems to have an issue with communicating, which I have brought up in other posts already. Why should there be any issue? Well, you might remember that my Dr. told me that I was done with chemo, only to discover I was not. I see him again in two weeks. I have now been told that I need to have a pelvic and chest scan, not radioactive, to determine my RX going forward…Wasn’t I told that my RX was 2 years of treatment every other month? Think so!

Does anyone else have this issue with a Dr.?

I would love to hear from you! I am thinking of going somewhere else, but dreading to have to re-do all these tests.

Hugs and be well –

Midtown Mania!

For the last few years, the City of Sacramento has an event called “Midtown Mania!” It is a scavenger hunt within the city and it benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Midtown Mania 2014

Midtown Mania 2014

If you are interested in participating, here is some information:

A scavenger hunt in the heart of Sacramento, CA to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Follow the clues around Midtown and snap your picture with local landmarks, businesses, and art. Bring your sense of adventure and be ready for a challenge! This foot race will test your knowledge of Sacramento and and give you some knew knowledge of the area and its history. Sign up to use your knowledge, gain some more, or simply to have an excuse to wander the tree-lined streets of this beautiful city.

Sign up in teams of 2
bring a digital camera (you will need to show the pictures upon your arrival)

Suggested items to bring:
camera charger
a smart phone
a map of downtown Sacramento
team outfits
water to bring with you

All proceeds will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

To join in, please go to Tickets to sign up! Sounds like a fun event!

I hope that if you live in the area that you will attend!

Be Well – Jane

The Bone Marrow Test

A week after the PET CT scan I had to go to the Dr.’s office for a bone marrow test. I was told that before having this test, eat a very healthy breakfast! So we headed to town for that healthy breakfast after which we went off to the Dr.’s office.

Once there I was ushered into the back to a room with a table. Laurie did the usual stuff, temperature, blood pressure, and pulse. She explained to me what to expect and had me lay down on the table on my stomach. They were going to be taking the bone marrow from my hip.

Even knowing what they were going to do did not prepare me at all for this procedure. The Dr. lightened the mood a bit by telling me jokes. As he was inserting the needle in my hip area to numb the muscles he said, “What do you get when you put two Doctors together?” The pain from the needle made me jump a bit.

“What?” I replied.

“A pair a docs!” he said. We all laughed.

As the numbing agent took effect, I asked him, “Can you imagine getting sick at the airport and having the terminal Doctor wait on you?” More laughter.

Then the Dr. makes in incision. A small one. Then the shot with the numbing agent for the bone. This too was painful. As we waited for this to take effect we all chatted.

Just like drawing blood, they have to draw out the bone marrow. I could feel the pressure of the bone marrow being pumped from my body. It makes you want to tense your muscles, and they kept telling me to relax and breathe slowly in and out from my mouth. The pain was worse than when I injured my knee years ago. While this probably took all of 5 minutes, it felt like hours!

We were finally done and I could head on home. They gave me some Vicodin for residual pain. You need to limit your physical activity, which was not an issue.

If you have to have this procedure done, I would like to recommend that you take the next day off from work. I made the mistake of going to work the following day. It was a long, hard, tiring day….

Days later, the area was still tender, and I had a hard lump. It seemed to get worse as the days went on. Stay tuned for what happened next!