February 18th, 2015 Update

Plum blossom

Plum blossom

Happy Wednesday to you all! I am a bit late in this post, but thought that I would wait until after seeing the neurologist to do this post.

Well, I was right! I do have neuropathy in my hands! Not only that, I have carpel tunnels syndrome too! Heavy sigh…The good news is that I am not at a point for surgery on my wrists! For right now I just need to wear wrist braces.

Of to the local Rite Aid, and I find that they do have the wrist braces. Most of them in size small, and most for the left hand only! Questioning someone there, they told me that there was an order for the right hands coming in tomorrow! Figures! So, I bought the only large lefty they had and will have to return another day for one for the right!

I return to the oncologist next week. Four days…four Dr.’s appointments!

Until next week, hugs and be well!